When it comes to planning your wedding, wedding makeup is typically at or near the top of a bride’s list of personal priorities. That may seem like a bold statement, but it’s true. It is so important that many brides list their bridal hair and makeup as second only to picking out their wedding dress in priority!

Not to put any additional pressure on the bride, but you will be photographed more that day than any other day of your life.  Your makeup, and that of your wedding party, must be flawless.

There truly is so much to consider regarding wedding makeup. Obviously first, the bride will need to decide what her wedding makeup will look like. Will the bridal party makeup style be romantic, classic, dramatic, natural or glamorous? See, Makeup Looks – What is Your Signature Style” for more information on makeup styles.


Romantic Wedding Makeup

Romantic bridal look

Mixed neutrals and pastels on eyes, cheeks and lips but go bold on the lashes


Classic Bridal Look

Classic makeup

Think smoky or cat eyes, well-defined brows and subtle contouring


Dramatic Bridal Makeup

Dramatic Bridal Makeup

Striking eye shadow and eyeliner, false eyelashes, prominent contouring and bright-colored lipsticks


Natural Bridal Makeup

Natural Bridal Makeup

Subtle Neutral palettes for eyes, pinks and peaches on the cheeks, nude or pale lipsticks


Once she decides on her style, the bride must ensure that the makeup look pairs well with her dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses. She must also communicate with the mothers. 

To sum it up in one word, the makeup for the mother of the bride and of the groom should be tasteful.  They are there in a support role; not a starring role.  Think subtle.

wedding makeup

Mother of the Bride as her Daughter Prepares for her Wedding


Wedding Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Following are bridal makeup dos:

  • Early in the process find a makeup artist that is very good, responsible, and available when needed
  • At least six weeks before the wedding, make and keep a makeup trial with the makeup artist.  Bring plenty of images of your ideal bridal look to try
  • Talk to your makeup artist about the products they will use.  Listen to their suggestions for water proof mascara, long wearing foundation, etc., and heed their advice
  • Ask one of your attendants to keep a small makeup bag at the ready for you to freshen your makeup as necessary.  Include oil blotting sheets, translucent powder, lip balm and stain, your Flutterby Mascara Shield to touch up just your lash tips and breath mints

Bridal makeup don’ts:

  • Do not choose a super trendy style of bridal hair and makeup for the wedding.  Remember, some styles popular in the 70’s are just finally coming back around – and pictures last forever
  • Choose dark brown rather than black eyeliner, mascara, etc.  Black makeup can look harsh in pictures
  • Limit the use of highlighters or glossy makeup which may distort the look in pictures


Bridal Hair and Makeup Styles from Around the World

Fun images of traditional bridal styles and customs from all over the world.  Enjoy!



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