Enhance Your Natural Lashes With the Right Mascara

Most women surveyed say that mascara is the one beauty product they will not leave the house without wearing.  Those of us with light colored eyelashes can truly relate to this.  My lashes are so light that you can’t see them without mascara.  People have asked me if I normally wear glasses because my eyes look so different without mascara.

Mascara makes a huge difference on people with dark colored eyelashes, also.  There are so many product formulations that you can use mascara to make your lashes appear longer, fuller, even more curly.  Mascara really is a wonder product. 


How to Choose the Right Product to Showcase Your Beautiful Lashes

Some believe that beautiful, long, full lashes are not attainable…. that you are either born with eyelashes like that; or you must use fake lashes.  

Nonsense, I say!  There are so many products to choose from, it is just a matter of finding the one or two products you need.  It is about finding the best wand shape and formula to enhance your lashes.  Believe me, they are out there.

For more information and helpful hints on selecting the perfect mascara to fit your needs, see, “Choose the Right Mascara for Your Desired Eye Makeup Look“.


How Important is the Shape of the Wand?


Mascara Wands: Different Sized, Shapes, Fullness


The wand you choose is very important to achieve the look you want.  Look at the images above.  There are so many different shapes: tapered, straight, curved.  In addition, there are so many different brush styles to choose from.  Some mascaras use comb wands, some use tight bristles, a spiral shape and still others have sparse bristles. 

Each different combination is configured so the user can achieve different goals. 

Let’s look at some of the more common wands and their intended use:


  • Spiral bristles are intended for full lash coverage and eyelash separation.  That shape holds plenty of product.  The spiral shape allows you to drag your lashes through the bristles to apply product and separate out any clumps.
  • Comb bristles are for people who radically oppose clumped eyelashes.  The comb works very well for combing out clumps.  My problem with this type of bristle is that it doesn’t hold as much product as I like.  My way of eliminating clumps is to comb my lashes against the Flutterby Mascara Shield with the wand.
  • Full or fat bristles are great for those trying to achieve voluminous lashes.


In most cases, the shape of the wand works in concert with the bristles to help you achieve your desired look.  Some of the most common shaped brushes are:

  • Curved brushes help you to pick up every tiny lash throughout your lash line.
  • Skinny wand, as the name implies, is a long thin wand with very short bristles.  This is one of my favorite wand shapes.  It is great for separating lashes, applying additional product to lash tips, and for doing your lower lashes.
  • Tapered wands allow you to apply smaller amounts of product to the short lashes near the inner corner of your eye; and more product out toward the outer corner.


Mascara Formulas

The formulation of your mascara is as important as the wand to achieving the eyelash look you are going for.  Rest assured that manufacturers recognize this concept by the way they combine the formulations with the wand types.

For example, it would be silly to pair a thick, volumizing mascara with a skinny wand because that type of wand will not apply enough product to your lashes.

The primary ingredients in most mascaras are oils, waxes and pigments.  The most common formulations available are: lengthening and volumizing.  The combination of the primary ingredients with other products give the formulations their different characteristics.  Following is a brief discussion of each common formulation:

Lengthening mascara – In addition to the primary ingredients, lengthening mascara generally includes tiny nylon or rayon fibers that attach to your lashes as you apply the mascara.  It is these fibers that make your eyelashes appear longer than they are.  

Volumizing mascara generally includes a thicker formula of waxes that adheres very well to your eyelashes giving the appearance of thick, lush eyelashes.


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