The Third Article in a Continuing Series on Essential Beauty Tools

This is the third article in a series about essential beauty tools; this is about the beauty sponge.  

The first article is, “Makeup Brushes Guide: The Essential Starter Kit”.  The article explains the minimum number and type of makeup brushes that you should have in your beauty bag.

The second article, “The Mascara Shield: A Unique Product for Awesome Eyelashes“, goes into detail about what a mascara shield is, how it can help you with your makeup and how to best use the product.

The series is about the beauty tools you should keep in your makeup bag to help you with your everyday makeup and beauty routine.   Having these tools available to you can have a tremendous impact on the amount of time you spend getting ready each morning, so, if for no other reason, use these tools to claw back a few precious moments for yourself each day.  

Beauty tools are great time savers.


What is a Beauty Sponge?

A beauty sponge is a foam sponge that comes in various sizes and shapes used for makeup application.  These multi-purpose little marvels are used for foundation and concealer application.  They are also fantastic for flawless blush or contour blending and for eye shadow and powder blending.  They save us from streaks, stripes and unblended makeup of all sorts.  

The сеll structure of the sponge fills with water to ensure that the product sits on tор of the sponge, rather than being absorbed into it.  In fact, the sponges almost double in size when wet.  They can be used wet or dry, depending upon what type of product you are applying. 

The sponges come in myriad shapes and sizes for many different purposes.  The most common shapes are the teardrop and flat edge sponges and they come in regular and mini sizes.  See below:


beauty sponge

Flat Edge and Teardrop Mini Sponge


When you purchase beauty sponges, make certain you buy non-latex sponges.  Some people have an allergic reaction to latex.  Don’t find out the hard way that you have an allergy to latex.  Find information about latex allergies here.


How to Use Beauty Sponges

For my makeup application, I use a regular sized flat edge makeup sponge and a teardrop mini sponge.  I wet both sponges before using.  I consider them to be the essential beauty sponges for your beauty bag, especially if you use liquid foundation, concealer or blush.  

A flat edge beauty sponge is the larger of the two sponges.  It is shaped like an egg that has a flat cut on the bottom.  This flat edge makes for easy application of foundation, lotions, etc.  The pointed end is great for targeted application and blending, such as highlighter on your cheeks or foundation on your neck.

You can dive into the details with the teardrop mini design.  With its compact size, it is perfect for hаrd-tо-rеасh ѕроtѕ such as around the eyes and nose.  Use the mini sponge for precise application for the smaller areas of your fасе such as under-eye concealer or eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyes.

To use:  Fully saturate the sponge with water, then squeeze out the excess.  For product application, apply product to the face and use a dabbing or stippling motion to spread the product evenly over the desired area.  Use the damp sides of the sponge to completely blend out any edges.


Care and Maintenance of Makeup Sponges

When used for application of liquid products, such as foundation or concealer, rinse well with water after every use.  Wash with soap and water every three to four days.  For best results, place the sponges in a sealable container, add soap and enough hot water to cover the sponges, replace the lid and shake well.  Allow the sponges to sit in the sudsy water for ½ hour.  Massage the soapy water into the sponges with your fingers to clean away any remaining stains, then rinse very well with hot water.  Squeeze out the excess water and continue to squeeze dry with paper towels. 

Replace the sponges every two to three months as the foam begins to break down.    



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