Think about the last time you scrolled through your newsfeed on Facebook or your Instagram feed. Most likely, the pictures that stood out were the ones where your friends’ faces seemed to be popping off the page.  Or, the pictures with the cute selfie poses.  So, what makes a good selfie?  To stand out, knowing how to take good selfies is important and here’s how we suggest doing it.

good selfie

Take Great Selfies

Best Selfie Angle

It may sound simple, but choosing the right picture angle is important. Believe it or not, the angle can make a huge difference in the quality of your picture. It may impact your overall satisfaction with the final product. To get the most out of your selfie, we suggest that you hold the camera above your direct line of vision and not below it.  How many pictures have you seen in your feeds that seem to show every dark eye circle, wrinkle or double chin that the subject has.  That’s what happens when you hold the camera below the line of sight.  Holding the camera higher than your face will help create a flattering picture by preventing your face from becoming distorted.


What is the Best Lighting for Selfies

In the world of all pictures, not just selfies the lighting can make or break the final product.  When taking any type of picture, the best type of light to use is natural light. This means that if you are taking a selfie, if possible step outside or move closer to a window or door that lets in natural light.  Taking a picture in natural light brings out the best quality in your skin tone.  It also helps to prevent unnatural shadows from occurring in your pictures. 

If it is nighttime when you are taking your picture, move away from fluorescent lighting and choose another source of bright light.  


Make Sure Your Makeup is Flawless

As with any photos, but especially selfies because they are so up-close and personal, you will want to show off all your very best features.  If you choose to wear makeup for your pictures or selfies make certain that it is flawlessly applied.  We all know that even the smallest makeup mistake may seem magnified when you take a close-up. 

Avoid makeup mistakes like too much or too little blush, unblended contouring and highlighting, or mascara smudges or clumps.  Take a good look in a magnifying mirror, if necessary, to make certain you are happy with your makeup.  If you mistakenly apply too much blush simply use a brush and powder or a beauty blender to decrease the intensity of the color.  Your beauty blender will also help to blend your contouring if necessary.  To avoid mascara smudges, use a mascara guard, such as the Flutterby Mascara Shield, when applying your mascara.  This will ensure that you don’t end up with smudges on your perfectly applied eye shadow and eye liner.  You can also eliminate mascara clumps by combing your upper lashes against the Flutterby Mascara Shield with the mascara wand.

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