New year, new season, new beauty products; people, it’s time to have that, “What are the 2018 Summer Beauty Trends” talk!  We’ll talk trends, but we are also going to mention a few makeup tricks to keep your makeup in place on hot summer days. 

To keep it simple, we’ll break it down by the different areas of the face. 

2018 Summer Beauty Trends – Eye Makeup

Eye shadow – Big this summer are variations of blue, rose gold and emerald green eye shadow.  All the colors giving something of a mermaid vibe to the eye makeup looks.  Glitter and metallic eye shadows are also trending.  See, “How to Achieve Those Dramatic Eye Shadow Looks“, for tips on applying eye shadow. 

To help your eye shadow stand up to the heat:  

  • Use an eye shadow primer
  • Use a light touch when applying eye shadow
  • Select a gel or gel to powder eye shadow
  • Dab a light layer of powder over your shadow to set it 

Eyeliner – Continuing with the mermaid theme, blues and greens are big.  If you go full-on with hues of blue or emerald green eye shadow, consider using deeper hues of the same colors for eyeliner.  Conversely, if you want to try just a pop of this summer’s trending colors, stay with your neutral shadows and use a blue or green eyeliner.   See, “Eyeliner Style Mastery – Eyeliner Tips to up Your Game” for tips on applying eyeliner. 

Eyeliner will hold up better against the heat if you:

  • Use a pencil liner
  • Lightly smudge the liner 
  • Dab a light layer of powder on the eyeliner to set it
summer beauty trends

Colored Eye Liner


Mascara – Colored and glitter mascara are trending this summer.  Another of the summer beauty trends, reintroduced this year, is clumpy mascara.  Fortunately, it is not mascara clumps à la Twiggy!  See, “The Lash Look of Your Dreams” for mascara tips. 

Use the following tips to help your mascara remain on your lashes; not smeared under your eyes:

  • Dab a light layer of translucent powder under your lower lashes and on your upper eyelids
  • Use water-resistant or water-proof mascara
  • Apply a couple of thin layers of mascara rather than one thick layer 
summer beauty trends

Various Mascara Colors &Wands

2018 Summer Beauty Trends – Face

Foundation – This summer’s trend is no foundation with just a dab of concealer if necessary.  It goes without saying that you need to start with a base of your strongest SPF.  If you are not into that natural makeup look, consider using tinted moisturizer, BB Cream or CC Cream.  See, “Quick Beauty Routine” for additional information on these products.

Most of these products contain SPF.  If you plan to be in the sun all day, you need to periodically reapply SPF to protect your skin.  Bring the product with you to reapply as necessary.

Bronzer – Use a bronzer as your contour/blush for a sun-kissed glow.  To apply bronzer, think of the shape of a 3.  Start at the hairline on your forehead, bring bronzer down under your cheekbones, and down on to your jawline.  Then blend well.  See depiction below.

Apply Bronzer to Your Face in the Shape of a “3”

Taking the Daytime into the Night

The last thing to consider is if you are prepared should the day at the beach turn into the evening beach party.  You can easily transition from daytime into night.  All you need is a small bag with multi-tasking products and you will be ready to party.  

What you will need:

  • Tinted moisturizer, BB Cream or CC Cream – provides light coverage, color correcting and SPF.
  • Tinted lip balm – provides lip color and SPF
  • Translucent powder, a bronzer and a brush – for touch ups
  • Mascara and a Flutterby Mascara Shield – to touch up just the lash tips.  Do not try to reapply mascara from the root to the tips unless you like a very clumpy looking lash.   
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