I love chatting with people about their daily routines to see if I can pick-up any beauty tips.  For example, to find out if they have a better way of makeup application, facial cleansing, or anything else they do to make their lives easier.  

Fortunately, along the way, I have learned or developed a few great time-saving tips that I want to share.


Beauty Tips to Keep Your Nail Cuticles in Beautiful Condition

I learned a few of my beauty tips from my mother many years ago.  One was how to keep your fingernails in beautiful condition.  Beautiful fingernails come from a combination of healthy nails and healthy cuticles.  If your cuticles aren’t in great shape, your fingernail health will not be great. 


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Well Manicured Fingernails and Cuticles


To keep your cuticles healthy, you must maintain and nourish them.  

Maintenance for cuticles involves very gently keeping them shaped.   The tip I learned from Mom keeps the skin in beautiful shape.  

Here is the tip, after finishing your shower, use your washcloth to push back on your cuticles to shape them.  Push very gently, so you don’t damage the delicate skin.  You’ll never use a cuticle trimmer again!

The beauty of this technique is two-fold.  First, your cuticles will be soft from the water, so comfortable to shape, and secondly, it is so quick to do if you do it daily.  You wrap the washcloth around your finger or thumb and gently push against the cuticle. 

Within a couple of days, you will have the most beautiful cuticles you’ve ever had.    

Please note, it is essential that you use a clean washcloth every day that you do this.

The other imperative is that you keep your cuticles nourished with oil.  If you do not want to purchase cuticle oil, then use olive oil or good-quality hand cream.  I use Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil, and I love it.


Super Simple Tip to Exfoliate Your Skin

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Use a Clean Washcloth to Exfoliate Your Face

Another easy-to-do beauty tip that people may not think about is using a clean washcloth to exfoliate your skin.  I’m sure many of you use a washcloth to cleanse and exfoliate the skin on your body but do you also use it on your face.  

Here is my method; and again, you need to use a clean washcloth.  I apply facial cleanser to my face before I get in the shower.  The cleaner I use is gentle on the eyes, so I also use it to remove my eye makeup.  I try to leave the cleanser on until the end of my shower, so it has time to remove all traces of makeup – even waterproof mascara.

Before I rinse my face, I use my washcloth, cleansed of any soap residue, to very gently scrub my face to remove dead skin cells.  The washcloth does a fantastic job!

Then rinse your face as you usually would.

I use CeraVe Hydrating Facal Cleanser.  It is a very gentle product that works for my sensitive skin.


Beauty Tips to Keep Your Lower Lashes From Smudging Under Your Lashes

This tip goes out to everyone, but especially to all of you who wear makeup all day, are the least bit physically active, or are experiencing hot flashes.  In other words, everyone!


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Use a Flutterby Mascara Shield to Prevent Smudging During Application


If you use mascara on your lower lashes, you likely have experienced the smudging commonly known as raccoon eyes.  Raccoon eyes occur from the combination of your mascara with the sweat and skin oils under your eyes.  The slight dampness from sweating combines with skin oils to create the perfect base for lash mascara to adhere. 

My problems started with menopause and hot flashes. 

My tip for preventing raccoon eyes has a couple of steps:

  • First of all, don’t apply moisturizer under your eyes
  • Use a Flutterby Mascara Shield to apply a light layer of your regular mascara to your lower lashes
  • Before your lashes start to dry, again using the Shield, apply another light layer of mascara, but for this coat use a waterproof mascara
  • After your lower lashes have dried completely, dust a light layer of powder under your lashes.

In the interest of full disclosure, in a previous post, I recommended not using waterproof mascara because it can be damaging to your Lashes.  I said that in, “Choose the Right Mascara for Your Desired Eye Makeup Look.”  I recommend it here because you are putting the waterproof mascara over your regular product which acts as an insulation against potential damage.  The waterproof product won’t dry out your lashes, and it is easy to remove.   



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