We are all so busy that often it’s difficult to carve out even a few minutes to rush through a quick beauty routine before we run out the door each day.  Most of us really want and need that time to ourselves to feel at the top of our game. 

Is there a way to develop a relaxing yet quick beauty routine that will make us feel our very best?  Absolutely there is.  It involves a little bit of pre-planning and organization, but you can pull it off and feel good about it, too.

Get Organized

We all love to try different makeup looks, right?  We see makeup ideas on Pinterest or we watch a makeup tutorial for smokey eyes and we want to give it a try.  However, trying new looks often involves a trip to the beauty supply store to buy new products. 

You are probably thinking, “Okay, is there a problem with that?”.  No, it isn’t a problem, it’s just that they usually end up in a drawer along with all our other makeup products. 

How many different palettes of eye shadow do you have in your makeup drawer right now?  What about lipsticks, mascaras, or cheek colors?  I’ll bet you love all of them; but how many of the products do you use for your everyday makeup?  More importantly, how much time do you waste sorting through all that stuff to find what you need each morning?

Quick Beauty Routine

Store in a Separate Tray

Finally acknowledge what a waste of time it is to dig through your makeup drawer each morning and do something about it – organize your makeup drawer!  There is no need to dispose of any of your makeup; just organize it differently.  Buy yourself a small tray, just large enough to hold the products you need for your everyday makeup look.  Then each day pull out the tray and everything you need for your quick beauty routine is right there where you need it. 

Buy Multipurpose Products for a Quick Beauty Routine 

Beauty supply shelves are overflowing with multipurpose products.  You can eliminate several products and applications by investing in some simple items.  Following are the must have multipurpose products to keep in your makeup tray to speed up your routine:

Quick Beauty Routine

Multipurpose products: The Flutterby Mascara Shield, Eyeliner & Brow Pencil, Highlighting Concealer and Tinted Moisturizer

  • Tinted Moisturizer, BB (Beauty Balm) Cream, CC (Color Correction) Cream:  I get a little confused as to the difference between the three, but the point is they are all multipurpose.  They are moisturizers; they are lightly tinted, so the products provide varying amounts of coverage to even out skin tones or to cover flaws; and they usually have SPF.  I love these products because they are so fast and easy to apply, and you roll three steps into one.  
  • Highlighting Concealer:  Use just as you would your concealer; dab some under your eyes and in the inner corners; then blend.  The beauty of this product is that it covers dark circles, but it also provides just the right amount of subtle highlighting.  
  • Eyeliner/Eyebrow Pencil:  Invest in a good quality gel or crayon pencil.  The key is to make certain the eyeliner glides on smoothly for fast application.  See, “Eyeliner Style Mastery” for tips on different types of eyeliner.  I use a medium shade of brown, so I can use the same pencil for eyeliner, tight lining and to color my eyebrows.
  • Flutterby Mascara Shield:  The last thing you need as you are trying to get out the door is smudged or clumpy mascara.  Do yourself a huge favor and buy a Flutterby Mascara Shield to keep in your tray.  It will be one less thing to worry about.


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