Nature influences Fall color trends more than any other season.  Want proof?  How about predictions from no less than the Pantone Color Institute (PCI)! 

The PCI is the group who standardized color identification and matching over the print and textile industries in 1963.  Each season, they put out a report called the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report.  The Report summarizes seasonal color trends based upon numerous factors, including color on the catwalk at NY Fashion Week.  

The Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report Fall/Winter 2018 includes colors such as Spicy Yellow, Poppy Red, Martini Olive, Russet Orange, Cognac and Red Pear.  How’s that for nature’s influence over Fall color trends.  However, in the interest of full disclosure, you will also find other colors in the report such as Quetzal Green (deep sea green) and Ultra Violet, pinks and neutrals.

Nonetheless, let’s stick with the subject at hand which is nature inspired Fall color trends and how to make the most of them.

Fall Color Trends

Spicy Yellow Dress


Fall Color Trends and the Their Impact on Fashion

Spicy Yellow, a.k.a. Mustard Yellow, is a gorgeous combination of yellow and brown.  This color is inspired by the beautiful Fall leaves of the Aspen, the Big Leaf Maple or the Shagbark Hickory tree.  Mustard Yellow makes a fantastic accent piece to almost all the other Fall color trends.  Think sweaters, purses, scarfs, shoes and hats.

Martini Olive is another Autumn inspired color – but more as a complement to enhance the other vibrant colors of Fall.  As you may have already deduced, this is a shade of Olive Green.  I love this color.  This fall you will see plenty of olive skirts, pants, culottes, shoes and boots.  The real beauty of this color is that it can be paired with so many other Fall colors. 

Russet Orange is of course a fall standard.  Use the beautiful combinations of the mighty Maple trees as your guide as you assemble your outfits.  Think of how stunning the yellows, reds, oranges and burgundys pair together.  For Fall 2018, other designers paired oranges and blues – and they look amazing.

Cognac is another Autumn staple.  The warm brown color of acorns is perfect as a leather accent or nail color.


fall color trends

Spicy Yellow Paired With an Olive Bag

Fall color trends

Poppy Red Sweater Paired with Orange Pants and Deep Red Coat

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