Of all the currently popular makeup looks, what do you consider to be your signature style?  Maybe the better question to ask is, “What is a signature style and why do I need or want one”? 

The truth is that you already have a signature style – so no need to go looking for one!  Your signature style is composed of the cosmetics that you buy, the eye shadow colors that appeal to you, the eye shadow ideas you try, the lipstick you wear, etc.  It is how you do your makeup.  It’s that look that you wear almost every day because you like it and it makes you feel attractive.  That is your signature style.

Though you have a signature style that doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy watching makeup videos on how to do makeup looks that are very different from your everyday look.  I’ll bet you do.  I know I do.  I even like to try out some of the videos – with varying degrees of success.

Let’s examine some of the trending looks to see if your signature style fits into any of the popular looks.


Trending Makeup Looks 

Classic Style – Think red lipstick, smoky or cat eyes, well-defined brows and subtle contouring.  This look takes many women from daytime to evening makeup with the addition of the red lipstick.

No Makeup Makeup Looks – I know, weird, but it is big right now.  It is doing your makeup so you look like you’re not wearing makeup.  The result is, however, a very beautiful, natural makeup look.

Dramatic Makeup Looks – This is glitter or metallic eye shadow, striking eyeliner, false eyelashes, extreme contouring and highlighting and bright-colored lipsticks.  It runs the gamut from daringly beautiful to absurd and all points in between.  This look is the default look for many creatives or clubbers.  

Neutral Makeup – This is the category I fall into; in a word – subtle!  Neutral palettes for everything eyes, pinks and peaches on the cheeks, nude or pale lipsticks.  I like this look on me and I’m comfortable with it.  

Iconic Makeup Looks – This category is fun.  Few are famous for their iconic looks, but it can last forever.  For example, if I throw out the name Marilyn Monroe, almost every one of us will have the same image that comes to mind.  That straight on look with the chin slightly jutted out, red lipstick, sleepy eyes with well-defined brows, and of course, that famous beauty mark.  Her makeup was in the classic style, but she certainly had an iconic look. 

Horoscope – Zodiac Makeup Looks – How about this one?  Horoscopes are really trending right now.  Take a look at makeup artist Kimberly Money’s Zodiac inspired looks from PopSugar.  Does your horoscope look represent you?


Signature Styles are Evolving

makeup looks

Katy Perry at MTV Awards with Blue Hair

To say that signature styles are evolving is an understatement.  Think back to the days when Marilyn Monroe was developing her classic look.  At that time there were so few choices in cosmetics that the classic look was pretty much the only look.  Fast forward to today when the choices are almost limitless; constrained only by your artistic ability.

The only down side I see to all the choices we have is that, sadly, an iconic look is becoming a thing of the past.  Think of Madonna, she completely changed her look with every new record released.  Katy Perry is another one; from dark hair and dark eyes to blond, pink or blue hair.  Fun stuff but not an iconic look.    

It begs the question, should the term signature style be replaced with an-everyday-look; and all other makeup looks that we try are just a matter of how daring we feel?

Would you be willing to try – and to wear out – a dramatic makeup look if your everyday look is very subtle?  Please let us know in the comments below.

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