Hooded eyes, and how to do eye makeup for hooded eyes, are both highly searched terms on Google. 

That makes sense when you consider how many people have hooded eyelids.  It is not just an issue for the over-50 crowd; many people are born with that type of eyelid. 

Whether you have always had hooded eyes, or you are re-thinking your current eye makeup looks, below are a few makeup tricks and tips to help you out.

Remember the Basics 

The basics do not change just because you have hooded eyes.  In some cases, they become even more important.

For example, if you don’t currently use an eye primer, start.  Eye primers give your eyelids a nice smooth, even-colored canvas for eye shadow application.  Primer will also help to combat eye shadow fade if your eyelids tend to be oily.  Also, primer makes the eye shadow colors more vibrant. 

Your eyebrows need some love as well.  Your brows frame your eyes and really enhance your overall look.  Want proof?  Complete your eye makeup but only do one of your brows.  See what a difference it makes.  

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes

The issue with hooded eyelids is that the upper portion of the eyelid droops over the mobile eyelid (the movable part of the upper eyelids).  For those with heavily hooded eyelids the mobile eyelid can seemingly disappear.  The goal then, when applying eyeshadow for hooded eyes, is to emphasize your mobile eyelid and to de-emphasize the hooded portion of the lid.  

To accomplish that goal, you will be using both shimmer and matte eye shadows for your eye makeup.  Matte eye shadows do not reflect light, so the areas they are applied to tend to recede.  Shimmer eye shadows do reflect light.  As a result, shimmer shadows bring emphasis to the areas where they are applied.  Reference, “How to Achieve Those Dramatic Eye Shadow Looks” for additional tips on eye shadow.

For the upper eyelids, begin with a neutral matte shadow.  Blend the eye shadow up from your lash line to your eyebrows to create a nice base color. 

Next, use a light to medium shade of shimmer eye shadow on your mobile eyelid.  Cover the entire mobile lid with this color blending up to the crease.  You are using a shimmer shadow to make the lid appear more prominent.

Then apply a complimenting deeper matte shadow above your crease.  Regarding placement, envision a straight line starting at the outer edge of your nostril, past the outer corner of your eye and up to the end of your eyebrow.  This is the outer edge for the shadow.  Use an eye shadow brush to apply the color from above the crease up to the brow bone.  Use a windshield wiper motion to apply.

Finally, apply a thin line of shimmer highlighter shadow under your eyebrow.

Use a blending shadow brush to blend, blend blend! 


makeup for hooded eyes

Placement of Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Makeup for Hooded Eyes – Eyeliner

I am a big fan of eyeliner and tight lining.  Reference the post, “Eyeliner Style Mastery – Eyeliner Tips to up Your Game” for how-to-do information on both techniques.  Both enhance your lashes and make them appear full and lush, so definitely use eyeliner, but make a couple of subtle changes. 

Thick eyeliner could conceivably take up all the visible area of your mobile lid.  Make the line thin so you can see the eye shadow.

Use a pencil liner rather than a liquid liner.  Hooded eyelids together with liquid liner substantially increase your chances of a big mess!

If desired, apply a very thin line of eyeliner under your lower lashes.  Apply it to the outer third lower lash line. A thick line that gets too close to the inner corner will make your eyes look smaller. 

Makeup for Hooded Eyes – Mascara

When completing your makeup for hooded eyes, don’t skimp on mascara!  The intent is to emphasize your eyes, eyebrows and lashes; and de-emphasize your droopy eyelid. 

Make certain to apply mascara to your lower lashes; even if you don’t normally do it.  It will balance out your overall makeup look.  

For your upper lashes, apply at least two coats.  Apply a volumizing and a lengthening mascara.

For more tips and tricks on mascara application, see “The Lash Look of your Dreams…and How to Achieve It“.

A Flutterby Mascara Shield is a must have tool if you have hooded eyelids.  The Shield works great to prevent mascara smudges on the droopy portion of your upper lid.  Find shopping information here, Flutterby Mascara Shield.  See, “Lower Lash Mascara with the Flutterby Mascara Shield” and “Apply Upper Lash Mascara using the Flutterby Mascara Shield” for how-to instructions.





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