Brush Cleaner mat

Small Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat Showing Textures and Suction Cups


The Fifth article in a continuing series on essential beauty tools: the makeup brush cleaner mat.

The first article is, “Makeup Brushes Guide: The Essential Starter Kit”.  The article explains the minimum number and type of makeup brushes that you should have in your beauty bag.

The second article, “The Mascara Shield: A Unique Product for Awesome Eyelashes“, goes into detail about the mascara shield.  The article explains what it is, how it can help you with your makeup and how to best use the product.  

Third in the series, “The Beauty Sponge: Guaranteed to be Your Amazing New Favorite“, details what a beauty sponge is, how you can use them and why you will love beauty sponges once you try them.

Finally, the fourth article, “Eyelash Curler: The Breakthrough Tool for Massive Fluttery Lashes“, explains how to safely use an eyelash curler to create beautiful eyelashes.

The series is about the beauty tools you should keep in your makeup bag to help you with your everyday makeup and beauty routine.   Having these tools available to you can have a tremendous impact on the amount of time you spend getting ready each morning, so, if for no other reason, use these tools to claw back a few precious moments for yourself each day.  

Beauty tools are great time savers.

What is a Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat?

A makeup brush cleaner mat is a small, silicone mat, with suction cups on the bottom, used to clean makeup brushes.  The mats generally have several different patterns of texture meant to clean different types of brushes.  The suction cups on the bottom of the mat are there to hold the mat in place in your sink as you clean your brushes.

Do You Need a Makeup Brush Cleaner?

If you do a quick Google search on the subject of, “dangers of dirty makeup brushes”, the answer is an emphatic YES!  You will find page after page of scary stories about very serious bacterial infections that people have contracted from bacteria laden makeup brushes.  Especially, relative to brushes used for eye makeup.

Though it is rare to contract serious infections from dirty brushes, on a common-sense level we know we should pay attention to cleaning our brushes.  At a minimum, we know remnants of our makeup products will remain trapped in the dense bristles.  Additionally, we know some very unpleasant things can grow in damp, dark places with no airflow – like bristles.

Another factor to consider is the longevity of the brushes.  Cleaning out the built-up product and oils from your skin will make the brushes last longer.

In the end, there is no question.  You need to clean your makeup brushes.  The only question is how you will do it. 

You may opt for a do-it-yourself method of cleaning your brushes.  In general, that includes wetting the brushes, adding cleanser and massaging the cleanser deeply into the bristles.  That option is fine if you have only a couple of brushes to clean.  

However, if you have several brushes that you need to clean, the DIY process is very tedious.  I recommend using the makeup brush cleaner mat regardless of the number of brushes you must clean.  I believe the mat does a better job of cleaning.

How to Use a Brush Cleansing Mat

Brush Cleaner Mat

Small Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat

Cleaning your brushes with a brush cleaner mat is simple and efficient.  Start with a clean sink and a clean mat.  Lay the mat in the sink so the suction cups attach to hold the mat in place. 

Wet your brushes with water and apply a dollop of brush cleansing shampoo to each brush.  Gently scrub the bristles into the mat to remove all build-up of product and oils.  Use all the different textures available to thoroughly cleanse the bristles. 

Rinse your brushes under warm water; again, using the textures to remove all remnants of shampoo from the brushes. 

The final step is to gently squeeze the brush heads to remove excess water; then reshape the bristles before allowing them to dry.  Lay the brushes flat to dry.    


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