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I believe there are two kinds of people in the world; those who wear glasses now and those who will wear glasses someday.  The cool thing about wearing glasses is that they are now a statement piece, as opposed to just an annoyance!  Glasses come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, etc. that you can change them out daily to make a statement about how you are feeling (remember mood rings).  Glasses can be so much fun, but they do draw more attention to our eyes.  So much so that you may need to review and revise how to do makeup when you start wearing them. 

Let’s talk about some of the things you should consider as you embark on the journey of ‘glasses wearer’.

Considerations about How to do Makeup – Eye Makeup 

Whether or not wearing glasses will have any impact on your makeup depends on how you currently do your makeup and your reasons for how you do your makeup.  Especially your eye makeup.

For example, do you normally go for a subtler, barely there look?  If so, chances are you do not use a lot of makeup products on your eyes.  You may just wear mascara.  If that’s the case, you are using cosmetics to enhance your features; not to make them stand-out.  For you, there is no need to change anything about your makeup routine.

If, on the other hand, you use eye makeup to bring out or complement your eyes, the addition of glasses will have an impact on how your makeup looks behind the glasses.  Light eye shadows and minimal mascara will get lost behind glasses.  Consider the following changes to your makeup routine to bring out those beautiful eyes from behind the lenses:

  • Go a shade or two darker on your eye shadow if you wear light colored eye shadows
  • Add eyeliner to your eye makeup routine to make your lashes appear fuller; for tips read, “Eye Liner Style Mastery – Eye Liner Tips to Up Your Game
  • Tight line under your upper lashes; see how at, “The Lash Look of Your Dreams
  • Keep your eyebrows well shaped and add brow color that is a shade or two darker than your brow color
  • Apply a bit more mascara when you wear glasses.  Consider adding one more light coat to your upper lashes.  Apply mascara to your lower lashes.  Use a Flutterby Mascara Shield to prevent mascara mishaps if you have problems applying mascara on your lower or upper lashes

Keep the changes subtle; your intent is for your makeup to complement, not overpower, your eyes!

Considerations about How to do Makeup – Other 

People who favor more dramatic eye makeup styles have a different issue to consider.  Rather than how to do makeup, they must consider how their eye makeup coordinates with their glasses.  Very dramatic eye makeup looks will be too overpowering if the frames of your glasses are small or subtle.  If dramatic eye makeup is your signature look, consider choosing large or over-sized frames for your glasses. 

The opposite is true with more subtle eye makeup.  Your eyes will get lost behind over-sized glasses.  Smaller frames work better if you prefer more subtle makeup.  

Watch the YouTube video, “How to Wear Makeup with Glasses” by makeup artist Dino Dilio for more information on pairing glasses with your makeup.

Non-Makeup Related Things to Consider 

Are you nearsighted or farsighted?  If you are farsighted, that means you can see objects off in the distance better than you can see up close.  It matters because as your vision fades, so does your ability to see as you apply makeup.  Initially, you’ll need brighter lights; eventually you’ll need a lighted magnifying mirror.  

Another consideration, do you have long eyelashes?  Do your glasses have wrap around frames that cut in enough that your eye lashes touch the lenses?  If your lashes touch the lenses, make certain your mascara is dry before you put on your glasses.  There is no need to go looking for ways to smear your lenses.  Give your lashes a quick shot with the hair dryer to dry the mascara before putting on your glasses. 


Glasses have become a fun accessory.  Have fun with them.  Try different sizes and shapes and play with your makeup to see what looks you like.   





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