apply false eyelashesAre you intimidated at the mere thought of trying to apply false eyelashes?  Have you seen false eyelashes on store shelves but never tried them because you thought you couldn’t do it?  To be perfectly honest with you, this is exactly how I felt before attempting the process myself.  You always have alternatives such as lash extensions, but I just wanted to try it.  It was the false eyelash look, as well as the challenge, that made me finally go out and do it. 


Types of False Eyelashes

There are basically two types of false eyelashes: (1) glue on false eyelashes, and (2) magnetic false eyelashes.  I wanted to try the glue on type lashes so that is what I’ll talk about here. 

Glue on lashes are available as strip lashes or individual lashes.  As the name implies, strip lashes are lashes bonded to a strip or band which you glue to your eyelid.  Individual lashes are small clumps of lashes bound together and glued separately to your lids.  They are used more to fill in areas of sparse lashes or to add drama on the outer corners of your eye.  See this great post by Byrdie on individual lashes and how to apply false eyelashes.

After weighing the pros and cons of each I decided to try strip lashes.  


How to Decide on Lashes 

Even after deciding to try strip lashes there is still much to consider.  Materials: false eyelashes are made from human hair, mink fur or synthetic materials.  The human hair and mink lashes tend to be more natural looking and thus are more expensive than the synthetics.  The strip: for human hair and mink lashes the strip is more pliable and easy to work with.  The  band on synthetic lashes can be stiff.  Durability: human hair and mink lashes are more durable but that may be a pro or con.  If you like to play with different looks you may prefer synthetics.

Standing in the cosmetics aisle looking at all the different types of false eyelashes can be overwhelming.  Be honest with yourself and admit that you would probably never wear certain types to help to narrow down your choices.  Also, give some thought to which look you are trying to achieve.  Are you going for dramatic lashes, fuller lashes or darker lashes; they even have false eyelashes to give your eyes a more decorative look.  They also have false eyelashes for special occasions, i.e. a wedding or a masquerade party!


How to Apply False Eyelashes

I opted for wispy looking synthetic lashes because I wanted to try them before making a big investment. 

The process to apply false eyelashes was not as challenging as I anticipated.  However, it helped that I found some great tips and tricks while doing my research:

  • Apply all other eye makeup – except mascara – before applying the lashes
  • Measure and adjust the length of the strip before applying glue.  To measure, lay the false lashes against your eyelid along your lash line where your natural lashes begin.  Use a tweezers to hold them in place while you run your finger along the edge of your lash line to the point where your natural lashes end.  Make the cut at that point
  • Form a curve in the strip; it will make the lashes easier to apply.  Gently wrap the lashes around a small round tube such as lipstick or concealer
  • Apply the glue the entire length of the strip.  I put a dot of glue on the back of my hand and used the bottom of my tweezers to apply the glue.  Dab a little extra glue on the ends for extra hold then give it 30 seconds to get tacky
  • Apply false eyelashes with a tweezers and make sure the strip adheres to your eyelids – not your eyelashes.  Hold the false lashes near the center and drop them unto your lashes and use the tweezers to push the falsies against your eyelid
  • After placement apply mascara to fuse your lashes with the false lashes.  The false lashes may be longer than your natural lashes so use a Flutterby Mascara Shield to prevent mascara mishaps

Overall, I loved the way the lashes looked and had fun with it.  As far as applying the lashes, I had a little issue with placement, (i.e. a little too far to the left or right) but that became more accurate with each application.  The only downside I would mention is that they began to feel ‘heavy’ throughout the day.  That surprised me because they are so lightweight.


How to Remove False Eyelashes

Removal should be relatively simple and painless.  Find an oil-free lash remover or use an oil-free makeup remover.  Use oil-free products because remnants of the oil may seep into the strip and the lashes may not adhere as well the next time you apply them. 

To remove simply soak a cotton ball or swab in the remover and gently rub it along your lash line until the lashes slide off.  Remove any remaining clumps of glue from the lashes with a tweezers.  


Would I Wear False Eyelashes Again

Will I wear them again – absolutely!  I am all about having fun and experimenting with things like this.  However, for my everyday eye makeup I will stick with my usual routine.  It is clearly faster and easier than the false eyelashes.

Have you tried false eyelashes?  How difficult was it for you to apply false eyelashes?  Please let us know in the comments.



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