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Face Shapes


Do you know what your face shape is?  For example, is your face oval, round, heart-shaped?  

More importantly, why should you care about your face shape?  


Why You Should Figure Out Your Face Shape

Knowing the shape of your face is important for several reasons.  For example, knowing the shape can help you pick flattering hairstyles, attractive eyeglasses, and it can even help with your makeup.  See, “Your Face: Let Your Facial Features Show You Where to Put on Makeup”.  

Tell me if this has ever happened to you.  You find a hairstyle that you absolutely love.  It is the cutest haircut you’ve ever seen, so off you go to your hair appointment.  Unfortunately, when you leave the shop, that super cute inverted bob cut makes you look like a little Dutch boy without the hat!  No offense to little Dutch boys – they are adorable; but not everyone has a cute, little round face shape to pull that off.  Sadly, that is my story.

Now, many people would not care.  If they liked that style, they would try it; and to them I say, “Good for You”.  I believe you should do whatever makes you happy with your looks.  The problem for me was, that cut didn’t make me happy – it looked silly on me.


The Different Face Shapes

Generally the beauty industry recognizes six different face shapes.  They are oval, square, round, oblong, diamond and heart shaped.

To determine what the shape of your face is, follow the process below: 

  • Look in a mirror and determine the widest part of your face.  For instance, does your forehead seem wider than your cheekbones or jawline; are your cheekbones the widest part; or, maybe it is all the same width?
  • Next, look at your chin and the shape of your jawline.  Is your jawline narrowed or squared off?  Does your chin come to a soft point?
  • What is the length of your face.  Does it seem as long as it is wide; or maybe it is a narrow width but long?

Using this information, compare it to the descriptions below to determine your face shape:

Oval Face – The face is longer than it is wide.  People with an oval face generally have a rounded chin and may have a wider forehead.

Square Face – If you have a square face, the length and width of your face are almost the same.  A square face is characterized by a wide forehead and an angular, squared off jawline.

Round Face – You have a round face if the length and width, at the widest part of your face, are the same; your chin is rounded; and your forehead and jawline are the same width.

Oblong Face – Also called rectangular; people with this face shape tend to have longer and less wide faces.

Diamond Face – Wide cheekbones and a pointed chin and a narrow forehead define this shape.

Heart Shaped Face – People with this face shape have narrow chins, wider cheekbones and foreheads.

If you would prefer a more in-depth tutorial, please read, “How to Figure Out Your Face Shape in Four Steps”, by Michelle Villet found on The Skin Edit.

Below are images of celebrities with different face shapes:


So Now What?

Now that you have figured out the shape of your face, what do you do with that information?

Let’s start with some ideas for your hair. 

Consider bangs if you have a longer face, as in an oval or oblong face shape, bangs will help to balance your face.  If you have a round face, avoid straight cut bangs that will emphasize the fullness of your face.   Also, if your face is heart shaped, side swept bangs will de-emphasize the width of your forehead.

Another option to try is layers in your hair; layers can make a big difference.  Layers on the sides add volume, helping to de-emphasize longer faces.   Also, long layers are an ideal choice for those with round faces; they elongate the face.  They also look great on people with diamond shaped faces.  

The length of your hair is another factor.  Long, straight hair emphasizes a long face.  Those people with round faces can go both extremes; they look fantastic in short, pixie cuts and long layers look amazing on them.  To de-emphasize a square jawline, consider a bob cut just below the chin.  

Once you determine your face shape, I think you’ll find that your options are endless.

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