Makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts color outside the lines when it comes to their eyeliner style and artistry.  For them, the only rules are that there are no rules.  Eyeliner can be any color – black, brown, bright colors, layers of multiple colors, even sparkle or glitter.  It can be any shape – winged, cat eye; or any thickness – thin line, thick line, tight line.   Heck, I’ve even seen artists paint tiny flowers for eye liner!

But I believe those people, those amazing artists, are just a tiny subset of a subset of most of the makeup lovers out there.  The rest of us mere mortals simply want to know how to put on eyeliner that looks great with our eye shadow and enhances the rest of our eye makeup.  Keep reading for a few eyeliner tips.  


How to Master Your Own Eyeliner Style

How to Choose the Right Type of Product for Your Eyeliner Style

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You don’t have to be a makeup artist to create beautiful eyeliner styles

In general, eyeliner comes in three different forms: Liquid, Gel, or Pencil liner.  The form you choose will depend on the look you hope to achieve.   

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner is your best choice when creating looks of varying thicknesses and angles.  It is also great for looks that require a lot of precision.  You can create curves, swirls and numerous winged looks with liquid liner.  Liquid eyeliner makes a lot of people nervous because they think it is difficult to apply.  It does take some practice to use, but the rewards of choosing a liquid eyeliner can be great!  

For additional tips on how to apply liquid eyeliner, take a look at this fantastic post by Chloe Metzger for StyleCaster, “How to Apply Liquid Liner in 3 Ridiculously Easy Gifs“.

Gel Eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner has a creamy consistency that is easy to work with.  You can control the amount and placement of color by using the precision brush that comes with the liner.  With that in mind you may like a gel versus a liquid.  However, many users complain that it does tend to dry quickly so be careful with placement.

Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil Eyeliner is great for those who are in a hurry or are looking to achieve a natural, classic look.  This type of liner is reliable and is a great choice to use if you need to fill in space, or if you need an eyeliner that can be blended into the rest of your makeup. 


How to Apply Eyeliner

Apply eyeliner after eye shadow primer, eye shadow, and eyebrow makeup.  It is the last eye makeup product you apply before mascara.  You want to have all of your other eye makeup completed so precision lines on your eyeliner style stay crisp. 

Apply eyeliner on your upper lids first.  Choose the type of liner you want to use and get the eyeliner as close as possible to your lash line.  It will give the illusion of continuity and fullness from the liner to the lashes.  If you opt for gel or liquid liner make certain the liner dries before applying mascara.  If using a pencil eyeliner, apply as desired.  Consider using the smudging point on the opposite end of the pencil to diffuse the color intensity of your liner for a more smoky eyed look.

Eyeliner on the lower eyelids is a personal decision.  If you are going for a more dramatic eye look you will want liner on the bottom to add to the drama.  If you are going for a more natural look you may want to just use a light colored pencil or skip the lower liner altogether.

After applying my eyeliner I have a favorite tip that I always use before apply mascara.  Tight lining is using a dark eyeliner under the upper lash line to fill in any spaces.  Let me emphasize that you must be very careful when tight lining because you are very close to your eyes.  Please read this post by for safety and how-to information, “Best Eyeliner for Tight lining Of 2018“.


Finish-up With Your Favorite Mascara

So now you have completed this amazing eye makeup look and all that is left to do is to apply your mascara.  I have just two words of caution here, Be Careful!  How often does it happen that you spend a significant amount of time perfecting your eye shadow and eyeliner only to apply your mascara and end up with a great big black dot in the middle of your upper lid or under your lower lashes.  How much time will you spend cleaning now? 

I can’t stress enough what a difference the Flutterby Mascara Shield has made in my mascara game.  No more mascara smudges on my lids or eye shadow.  Give the Flutterby Mascara Shield a try and see how it helps you.

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