This is the sixth, and final, article in the series called, “The Essential Beauty Tools”.  This article is about the Dual Head Eyebrow Brush; also called brow brush with spoolie.  The dual headed eyebrow brush is pictured below. 

eyebrow brush

Dual Head Eyebrow Brush


The first article is, “Makeup Brushes Guide: The Essential Starter Kit”.  The article explains the minimum number and type of makeup brushes that you should have in your beauty bag.

The second article, “The Mascara Shield: A Unique Product for Awesome Eyelashes“, goes into detail about the mascara shield.  The article explains what it is, how it can help you with your makeup and how to best use the product.  

Third in the series, “The Beauty Sponge: Guaranteed to be Your Amazing New Favorite“, details what a beauty sponge is, how you can use them and why you will love beauty sponges once you try them.

Fourth in the series about essential beauty tools is, “Eyelash Curler: The Breakthrough Tool for Massive Fluttery Lashes“, explains how to safely use an eyelash curler to create beautiful eyelashes.

Finally, the fifth article, “Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat: A Simple Device with Outstanding Results“, explains why you need a brush cleaner mat and how to use the mat.

I have become slightly obsessed with beauty and makeup tools.  Since I started wearing makeup, which was a lot of years ago, I have questioned the lack of beauty tools.  We have so many great products available to us; but haven’t always had the tools we need to make application easier.  That is changing. 

This series is about the beauty tools you should keep in your makeup bag to help you with your everyday makeup and beauty routine.   Having these tools can have a tremendous impact on the amount of time you spend getting ready each morning, so, if for no other reason, use these tools to claw back a few precious moments for yourself each day.  

Beauty tools are great time savers.


What is a Dual Head Eyebrow Brush?

The dual head eyebrow brush is specially designed to expertly apply brow powders, creams, gels or pomades with ease. The angled brush head allows for precise definition for lining your brows and the stiff bristles pick up your product to fill in your brows.  On the other end of the brush is a custom spoolie to blend product and shape brows. 


Why do you Need a Dual Head Eyebrow Brush?

The real benefit of this multi-tasking tool is just how versatile it is.  It’s designed so everyone from the beginner to the brow enthusiast can easily create great looking brows…but there are so many other uses.

Starting with the angled brush end, it is perfect for any product application, not just brows, that requires a fine, straight edge or deep color intensity.  The brush, with its firm bristles and ѕlаntеd head, fits closely into the lash line for smooth and even application of any type of eyeliner including liquid, gel, or powders.  You can also use the angled tip to create winged eyeliner looks. 

It is also a great choice for creating very dramatic looks of deep eye shadow color intensity such as cat eye makeup looks. The thin, angled, precise tip allows you to draw hair-like strokes.

Now let’s talk about the spoolie end!  I am mad about them.  Spoolies are perfect for shaping your brows after applying brow products.  The also work great to comb out your lashes before you curl them with your eyelash curler.  Finally, many people use a spoolie to comb out their lashes after they apply their mascara.  It gives your lashes a ‘falsies’ perfection look.

This great product is also perfect for travel.  You can replace several separate products with one item. 


How to Use

For eyebrows, sweep the tip of the angled brush through your brow product.  Starting at the inner corner of the brow, outline the bottom and top of your brow creating clean lines.  After lining your brows, fill-in with color using short strokes to create the look of natural brow hair. 

When using for precise application of other products, such as such as eyeliner, hold the brush like a pencil, up close to the ferrule for maximum control, then draw your line.  If using to apply intense color, press or stipple the angled edge into the area of coverage.  


Finish the lооk with your spoolie.  Gently brush through your brows with the ѕрооliе to lightly blend the product; then finish by combing your eyebrows in the direction of natural growth.  For tips on grooming and shaping your eyebrows see: “Eyebrows Are Huge – Have you Noticed!”.

Care and Maintenance of your Eyebrow Brush

Maintenance:  Wash the brush and spoolie every one to two weeks with brush cleanser shampoo and a brush cleaning mat.  If you use the spoolie to comb your lashes after applying mascara, it should be washed every time it is used.

Replace the brush if it begins to lose bristles or its shape.


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