Do you remember how simple applying eye makeup used to be?  Your choices at the cosmetic area in your local drugstore usually consisted of one black mascara, one brown mascara; maybe an eye liner, usually only pencil, and perhaps some eyelid color.

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Various Mascara Colors &Wands

Luckily for us, things have changed significantly (thank you eye makeup artists around the world!).  Eye makeup selections have grown beyond our wildest imaginations.  For example in “How to Achieve Those Dramatic Eye Shadow Looks“, I mention the myriad of options available for eye shadows and “Eyeliner Style Mastery” covers eye liner choices.

Mascara is kind of my passion, so let’s talk.

How do you Choose the Right Mascara for Your Eye Makeup Routine


What are the Different Types of Mascara to Choose From

Since there are so many mascaras, let’s keep it simple:

  • Lengthening Mascaras:  As the name implies, lengthening mascaras give the illusion of longer lashes.  If your  lashes are short, straight, or difficult to curl, a lengthening formula is what you need. 
  • Thickening or Volumizing Mascaras:  Volumizing mascaras are formulated to be thick.  The thicker formulation coats the lashes more heavily and gives the appearance of more volume at the lash root.  A volumizing mascara is for people with sparse lashes.
  • 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras:  This type of mascara has become very popular in the last several years as kind of a hybrid between a lengthening and volumizing formula.  This is actually a 3 step application process in that you first brush on the primer, then the fibers, then follow-up with a final primer coat. Once you get the hang of it – the results are longer and thicker looking lashes.
  • Mascara Primer:  A mascara primer conditions and smooth lashes.  It provides a great lengthening and thickening base for a more flawless application of your favorite mascara.

Many of the products mentioned above are available in regular and waterproof formulas.  Waterproof formulas contain ingredients to repel moisture and are a very good choice if you anticipate sweating or crying (think weddings!).  If you are considering a waterproof formula keep in mind that it can be difficult to remove and, if used regularly, can be damaging to your lashes.


What Shape of Mascara Wand Should You Choose

There are also several mascara wands to consider; below are a few of the more popular wands and there purposes.

  • Tapered Wands:  Tapered, or cone shaped wands are slightly pointy on the outer end and widen out toward the handle. The pointy end is for shorter lashes while the wider end is ideal for volumizing.
  • Skinny Wands:  A long, thin wand with very little variance in width which is usually used with lengthening mascara products.  This shape also works great on those tiny lower lashes.
  • Curved Wands:  The wand has a uniform thickness with a slight bend (curve) to follow the shape of the lash line.  The curved shape provides for uniform coverage and enhanced ability to curl lashes upward.
  • Corkscrew Wands:  The bristles corkscrew up the wand.  Users claim the wand holds more product for volume and longer bristles enhance length. 

The type of mascara will determine the shape of the wand.  Beauty companies are very good at pairing the most appropriate wand shapes with the type of mascara.  However, high end brands give you more options for the brush shape.


What Color of Mascara Should You Buy

Choosing a mascara color is easy and fun because there are no rules.  You like black, pick black.  Brown, let’s do brown.  If you try a blue or pink and decide it is not for you, you had fun right?  Whatever color you feel like playing with, just go for it and have some fun. 

Look out on Pinterest or Instagram and you will see beautifully done eye makeup with lashes of every color. 

The color you choose comes down to personal preference.  I wear dark brown mascara.  That color complements my fair skin and light brown hair.  On the other hand, I’ve seen people with light coloring like me who look stunning in black mascara. 


So What Should You Choose

My suggestion is to try as many different mascaras as you want.  Experiment and have fun with different colors and wands.  If you try waterproof and don’t like it….no big deal.  If you buy blue mascara and it clashes with your hazel eyes, fine.  Just don’t be in a hurry while you are experimenting because you deserve this time to try new products and beauty tools.  I do have two pieces of advice however when I comes to experimenting with mascara. 

First of all, do not spend a lot of money on high end mascaras while you are figuring out what you want.  Go to the drugstore or a Target and try a lot of different formulas, wands, etc.  You might not like a product from the first time you use it so why pay big money to throw it away?

Last piece of advice, do not wait until the day of an important event to try your new mascara.  It could be a disaster.  You may not like the formula, the wand, or how it makes your lashes look.  If you decide to live dangerously and not try the mascara ahead of time, at least make certain you have a Flutterby Mascara Shield on hand to save the day!



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