Dream Lash LookWhen it comes to your eye makeup, do you have an ideal lash look?  For example, do you like the look of spidery lashes, voluminous lashes, super long and thick lashes, or maybe just your every day long and separated lashes?  

Let’s talk about our lash ideals and some of the new products and procedures developed by the cosmetics industry to help us achieve our dream lashes.  The options seem endless.


New Products and Procedures for your Eyelashes 

Eyelash Lift:  Also known as a lash lift or a lash perm.  If you have straight lashes that will not hold a curl, a lash perm may be a great option for you.  It is exactly what it sounds like; your lashes are permed into a curl.  You can also have a tint added to darken your lashes so no mascara is needed.  Unless of course you always wear mascara on your lower lashes.  Read this article that takes you through the eyelash lift process to see if it may be right for you. 

Eyelash Extensions:  Lash extensions are individual lashes, made from synthetic or natural materials, that are attached to your own lashes.  They are considered semi-permanent because you have to have them removed at a salon or wait for your natural lash to fall out.  The Pros: Lash extensions look amazing and natural depending on the skill level of the technician.  Cons: They can be expensive and time consuming.  You need to do your own cost/benefit analysis to decide if you are ready for the investment in amazing eyelashes.

False Eyelashes:  False eyelashes have come so far in the last several years.  They can look very natural or they can be extreme – you have a wide variety to choose from.  The lashes are also so much easier to apply.  However, unless you are good at it, it can still be somewhat time consuming and nice false lashes can be expensive.  On the other hand, your lashes will look amazing.

Every one of the choices above will definitely up your lash game – but not without a cost.  Be it dollars, or time, it may not be an investment you are willing to make. 

For any number of reasons you may decide to stick with the good old tried and true – Mascara!


How to Apply Mascara Like a Lash Pro

You can apply your mascara like a pro.  What it really comes down to is having the right products and the right tools.  What you’ll need:  Mascara, Clean Spoolies, Eyelash Curler, Hair Dryer, Flutterby Mascara Shield, Kleenex Tissue

Let’s get started.

First, complete all of your other eye makeup: 

This includes eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrows, and any finishing powders; this keeps fallout from landing on your lashes

Tight line at the root under your upper lashes:

Tight lining is simply using a dark eyeliner pencil under the upper lash line at the root of your upper lashes to fill in any areas of sparse lashes. This process creates the illusion of thick, full lashes at the root.  Be very careful as you tight line because you are so near to the eye 

Apply mascara to your lower lashes first:

For best results use a smaller or skinny wand on the lower lashes.  Remove the wand from the tube and wipe off any excess mascara on the rim of the tube because excess mascara on the wand causes clumping.  Nestle the Flutterby Mascara Shield along the lower lash line as shown. lower eyelashes, mascaraHold the wand vertically as you apply mascara to the lash roots.  After you have the desired amount of product at the roots, hold the wand horizontally and comb your lashes against the Shield.  This applies product and combs out clumps.  If you desire more product on your lash tips, gently push the Shield against your cheek which will push out your lash tips.  For a demonstration go to, “How to Use the Flutterby Mascara Shield for Your Lower Lashes“.

After each use, wipe off the Shield on a tissue so the mascara doesn’t transfer.  Repeat the process with your other eye.    

Apply mascara to your upper lashes

How to apply makeupI layer both a volumizing and a lengthening mascara on my upper lashes to achieve a long, full lash look.  I first apply the volumizing mascara and then a lengthening mascara over that. 

Begin by curling your lashes.  Comb through your upper lashes with a clean spoolie to straighten the lashes.  Next, warm your eyelash curler with a hair dryer.  A ten second blast will be plenty of time to warm it.  Caution: test the eyelash curler on your hand to make certain it is not too warm to use near your eye.  Curl your lashes near the root then move the curler out near the tips of your lashes and curl again.  I gently squeeze the curler 4 to 5 times in each place.

Remove the wand from the volumizing mascara and wipe off any excess mascara on the rim of the tube.  Then nestle the Shield along the upper lash line as shown. 

Hold the wand horizontally and look down as you comb down the top of your lashes from the root to the tip.  Get as close to the root as possible as you do this; the Shield will prevent any mascara mishaps on your lids.  Just a couple of swipes with the wand and this step will add color and volume to the top side of your lashes. 

Then, keeping the Shield in place, look up and comb the under side of your lashes up from the root to the tip, slightly wiggling the wand back and forth as you comb up to separate the lashes.  After you have the desired coverage, wipe off the Shield and remove the wand from the lengthening mascara wiping off any excess product.  Place the shield along the upper lash line once again and comb the lashes up from root to the tip until you achieve your desired look.  For a demonstration go to, “How to Use the Flutterby Mascara Shield for Your Upper Lashes“.

Wash the Flutterby Mascara Shield with soap and water after the final use.  

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