Pinterest is full of swoon-worthy dramatic eye shadow looks.  They have eye makeup ideas for smokey eyes, intense eyes, natural eyes, and classic eyes that are all competing for your attention.  You search pin after pin until finally you find it – that perfect eye shadow look.  You have the eye makeup look for your next party, date, or night out on the town. 

Now all you have to do is figure out how to accomplish that look.  Unfortunately, often times there is huge difference between the “look” on Pinterest and how it looks on you when you try it out at home!  To avoid a big fail the next time you do your eye makeup, here are a couple of eye shadow tips. 

Eye Shadow Looks

Applying eye shadow on eyelid using a makeup brush


Choose the Right Colors and Finishes for Your Eye Shadow Looks

Walk into a Sephora or Ulta and look at the eye shadows.  You’ll notice there are countless eye shadow palettes to choose from.  After choosing a palette you then have to decide on the eye shadow finish.  Do you want a matte, a shimmer, or, ooh, what about a glitter.   So many choices may seem overwhelming.

Let’s break it down into smaller pieces to make it a little easier. 


Choosing the Best Color Palette for Your Dramatic Eye Shadow Looks

  • Use neutral pallets for eyes of every shade and color.  It is a great choice if you are just learning how to do makeup
  • For blue eyes, consider using subtle shades of blue, brown and gray to make them pop 
  • For green eyes, use shades of brown, gold, green and purple to create a stand-out look
  • If you have brown eyes, the best choices of color are shades of pink, blue and bronze


Choosing the Best Finishes for Your Dramatic Eye Shadow Looks

Eye shadows fall into one of two finish categories.  Eye shadows are either matte or shimmer.  A matte has no sheen which means it does not reflect light.  The areas you apply matte shadow to will tend to recede.  On the other hand, shimmers do have sheen and as a result, reflect light.  Shimmer shadows tend to bring emphasis to the areas where they are applied.

Use shimmers as highlighters at the brow line or on your lids to bring them out.  Matte shadows are primarily used in the crease.


Things to consider

Regarding color palettes, neutrals are great for beginners and daytime beauty looks.  If your goal is to achieve a far more dramatic look, however, you can do that by choosing a pallet that is tailored to the specific color of your eyes.

As far as the finish goes, use a shimmer in areas you want to emphasize, for example under your brows, and use mattes in areas you want to recede. 


Know Where to Apply Each Type of Eye Shadow

The different shades of shadow are intended to be used on different areas of your eye.  In many eye shadow palettes, the colors usually move from left to right in order of lightest to darkest.  The moderately pigmented colors in the middle create a solid base for the total eye shadow look. 

On the left side of the palette, the lightest colors are shimmers a majority of the time.  The are for highlighting under the brow and on the moveable portion of the lid, if desired.   Use the warmer colors on the right side of the palette for shading and adding drama. 


Use the Right Tools

There are a variety of eye shadow brushes for a reason.  Consider starting out with the base brush, highlighter brush, and liner brush to get a feel for how each of them works if you are a beginner.  After mastering the brushes, you will  need to finish off your eyes with a liner and mascara.  Ensure that the application of these final products does not ruin the eye shadow you have just applied by using a Flutterby Mascara Shield.  The Flutterby Mascara Shield will prevent any mascara smudging and help you to create the perfect line of eyeliner to finish off your look.

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