How to Easily Crush Holiday Stress This Weekend

holiday stress


No, Wait, I am not Ready!!!!!!!!


Do not be alarmed.  She will be fine.  She’ll get it all done before Christmas, and it will be perfect.

We all feel the same way right now.  The Holidays are just around the corner, and we still have shopping, baking, wrapping, etc., to do.  Read, “Don’t Let the Holidays Stress you Out,” for additional information on holiday stress relief. 

If you feel like you are trapped behind the eight-ball right now, don’t.  Let’s sit down, pour ourselves a nice glass of wine, and relax.  Together we will figure a way out from this holiday stress!


Let’s Destroy Holiday Stress

Our Plan to Put the ‘Joy’ Back in Joyful Season


What is it that is stressing you out?  Like most of us, you want the decorations to be stunning; you need the baked goods to be tasty and beautiful; you want everyone to get everything they asked for to be under the tree; and, finally, you want the holiday dinner to be fabulous.  

That’s not too much to ask of you, right?

What, are you crazy? 

Let’s break this down into bite size pieces and figure out how we make it so you get to enjoy the holiday, also.


Holiday Stress Over Decorations

1.  You want the holiday decorations to be stunning.  

  • Outside:  Make a one time purchase of a beautifully decorated artificial greens wreath for your front door.  Purchase a string of battery powered lights to lace through the wreath.  Hang it.  Boom, done!  Year after year, that’s all you need for the outside. 
  • Inside:  Decorate only the rooms where your guests will be.  If you feel the need to obsess over something, make it the tree.  That is the one thing most of your guests will notice.  Everything else is extra that your guests may, or may not, even see.


Your Cookies Must Look and Taste Scrumptious

2.  Not only do you want your cookies to taste scrumptious, to say nothing of perfectly decorated.  Unfortunately, I am about to pop your bubble.  What’s important to realize is that no one will notice.  Your adult guests won’t notice because they won’t be eating cookies anyway, and the children will not appreciate how beautiful they look.  In reality, all they care about is which one has the most frosting. 

Save yourself an entire afternoon and buy cookies.  They will taste fine, look lovely, and your guests will be none the wiser. 

holiday stress

Beautifully Decorated Cookies


You Want Everyone to Get Everything They Asked For

3.  You want everyone to get everything they want.  Well, of course, you do.  As a result, you spend your precious time trying to pick out the perfect sweater for Aunt Nelly.

Stop it!  After all, you don’t even know what kind of sweaters she likes.

The season is about spending time with your loved ones; not about gifts.  In fact, gift-giving can be awkward at times.  You don’t need that.    

On the positive side, gift giving is holiday stress you can easily work around.  Try these ideas instead:

  • Each adult brings one adult gift to exchange.  Play games for the exchange.  For a fun twist, make it a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange.  For game ideas, look at the internet.
  • If the children are old enough, have them do the same thing.
  • Instead of a gift exchange, have the entire guest list take part in a food collection for charity.  That will leave even more time for games and family fun.

The thing I love the most about the above type of gift exchanges is that it frees up so much time from shopping and wrapping.  Instead of wasting time buying a lot of presents, spend time picking out special gifts for your children, parents, or significant others.  Because, in the end, that is what is important. 


You Want to Serve a Fabulous Holiday Dinner

My favorite meal to serve for the holidays is Lasagna!  If you try it, it will become your favorite also.  The entire meal can be made a day or two before the holiday.  Then all you have to do is heat it; make a quick salad, and garlic bread and your kitchen duties are done.

holiday stress


holiday stress

Garlic Bread


Maybe you’ve noticed that somewhere along the way, the holidays went from a joyful celebration to a grand production.  

Several years ago my husband and I decided we wanted to get it back to a celebration, and it’s great.

Happy Holiday, Everyone!