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Drew Barrymore Launched Flower Cosmetics


Many of us look to our favorite celebrity for inspiration when it comes to fashion, hairstyle, beauty or makeup tips.  That makes sense, of course – there is a reason they are our favorite.  

That we look to our favorite celebrities for inspiration is a fact not lost on marketers.  Thus, the explosion of celebrity beauty brands.  Marketers know two things about celebrities and branding, we (the public) like familiar faces on a product and we want to be like the celebrities that inspire us.  That, according to an article on the website, Strategic Content Marketing.  

Another point not lost on marketers is the fact that influencers are, well, influential!  Therefore, the term celebrity has expanded to include an army of social media beauty ‘stars’.  Some of whom have a huge number of followers. 

Over the last few years, several influencers have launched their own brands.  Names you may be familiar with include:

  • Kylie Jenner and her brand Kylie Cosmetics.  Her brand currently has 18.1m followers on Instagram
  • Kim Kardashian West’s self-branded line, kkwbeauty, has 2.5m followers on Instagram
  • Michelle Phan with her brand EM Cosmetics, has over 2m Instagram followers


The Best Celebrity Beauty Brands


Brands created by celebrities include some of the best beauty products available.  The celebrities’ names are on the products, so they want to ensure they are quality products.  

Some of the brands include a full line of beauty products; others include fragrances and other beauty accessories. 

Following is a list of some of the best-selling celebrity brands, what the brands are known for, and where you can buy them:

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty was launched in September of 2017 and has experienced phenomenal growth.  They are known for the range of shades offered, in particular, darker shades of foundation suitable for people of color.  In addition, Fenty Beauty hits at a moderate price point.

The beauty line was initially launched in the US at Sephora stores and on Fenty Beauty’s website but is now widely available.  Outlets include Amazon, Ulta, etc. 

The website includes fun makeup tutorials by Rihanna on how to achieve her beauty looks.

Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics 


celebrity beauty brands

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit


Originally launched as Kylie Lip Kits in 2015, in 2016 the company changed its name to reflect the growing line of products.  Kylie Lip Kits became Kylie Cosmetics.  The company is still best known for their lip kits, which sell out quickly.  Kylie Cosmetics are sold exclusively on their website, https://www.kyliecosmetics.com.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Elizabeth and James Nirvana 

Elizabeth and James was originally launched as a fashion label.  The line was expanded to include fragrances in 2013; and has since grown to include body oils and dry shampoos.  Their most popular products include their fragrances and dry shampoo.  The products are available at Amazon, Sephora, and high-end department.

Drew Barrymore’s Flower Cosmetics

Flower Cosmetics is known for its price points and availability.  For example, upon launch the product was initially distributed only through Walmart and online.  Distribution has grown to include Amazon, Target and Ulta.  The product line includes makeup for the face, eyes and lips; it also includes beauty tools and accessories.  

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