It’s not my nature to fall in love with new products, especially new beauty products.  Usually, I try this brand, then that brand, then several more before deciding even “if” I like an item.  But this time I did it.  I LOVE brow mascara!

I hesitated to use it for the longest time because all I could think of was a big smudged mess across my forehead.  Remember the unibrow.

The only reason I finally tried a brow mascara is that my sister made me.  Okay, she didn’t make me, but she insisted loudly, so I gave in just to keep her quiet.


Let’s Start with the Basics – What is Brow Mascara?

As the name implies, it is a brow product applied with a mascara-like wand.  The brow product is typically a gel that is tinted, although you can purchase clear brow mascara.  The application wand is smaller than the average eyelash mascara wand.   

Depending on the formulation of the gel, the products go on very nicely, without clumping.  Some gels contain tiny fibers, which adhere to your brow hairs creating a very natural looking fullness.  The beauty of using a gel for your eyebrows is that it adheres well to the hair and it sets your brows in place when it dries.  

When picking a color, use the same criteria you would use selecting a brow pencil or powder.  As I suggested in, “Eyebrows Are Huge – Have You Noticed!”, for a more natural look, choose a color a few shades darker than your natural color and build on that if desired.

As far as deciding upon what type of wand you want to use, as with many other beauty products, you have a wide choice.  All the brands provide explanations for their various shapes, but I stick with a small, tapered brush.


How to Apply Brow Mascara

I’ve read numerous articles explaining how to apply eyebrow mascara and I disagree with most of them — kudos to a Sephora makeup artist for showing us how to use it, so our brows look amazing.


Brow mascara

Parts of Eyebrow


So here is the best way to apply the brow mascara.  Refer to the photo above for brow areas.  Pull out the wand and wipe excess product back into the tube.  Starting at the end of the tail, comb the wand forward toward the arch and the brow head; catching all the little brow hairs as you go.  In other words, you are brushing your brows backward. 

If you desire more color, insert the wand to get more product and repeat the process.

Once you have the desired coverage and fullness, use the wand to comb the hairs upward or toward the tail, depending on your preference.

You’ll notice that your brows look slightly darker and very natural.  It will appear as if that is your natural brow color. 

If you prefer a more dramatic brow look, first use your brow pencil or powder as you normally would to outline and fill in your brows, then apply the brow mascara. 


The Big Reveal

As I said above, I have a new love, and it’s brow mascara.  I use Benefit Gimme Brow, and it is fantastic.

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