Beauty Mistakes

How Many Beauty Mistakes Can You Find?


We develop our makeup ideas and our methods for application over years of trial and error.  Eventually, these makeup looks become part of our beauty routine.  Sometimes though, our own way of doing things can morph into beauty mistakes that add years to our face.  For example, applying highlighter over wrinkles enhances them.  

Read on for information about some of the things we do that can age our looks.

Beauty Mistakes We Make with Our Face Makeup 

1.  Picking the Wrong Color of Foundation

Choosing a foundation that is too light or too dark draws unneeded attention to our skin.  The primary purpose of foundation is to create a uniform all-over color and a smooth canvass for your blush, contour, etc.  Foundation is not intended to create your suntan or your Goth look.  Unless you are doing Halloween makeup, or going for some other makeup looks, your foundation color should be a close match to the skin-tone of your face and neck. 

You know it is not a good match if you must blend your foundation into your décolletage to prevent demarcations.

It can be difficult to find an exact color match for foundation because we should try to match it to our checks and neck.  Bring a friend along to help or go to a makeup store such as Ulta or Sephora and ask for help.

Also, keep in mind that you may need a couple shades of foundation; especially if you live in a colder climate with long periods of limited sunshine.

2.  Applying Too Much Foundation 

Don’t mistake foundation for concealer.  Often people use too much foundation in an attempt to cover blemishes, acne or large pores.  Use a concealer or a makeup primer; then apply your foundation.  You will have better coverage and your skin will look more natural.  

3.  Not Blending Your Face Makeup 

Whether it’s foundation, contour, blush, concealer or highlighter, it is critical that you blend your face makeup well.  None of these products are intended to stand-out.  They are meant to enhance your facial features.  See, “Your Face: Let Your Facial Features Show You Where to Put on Makeup”, for information on the purpose and use of the products. 

Unblended products detract from an otherwise beautiful makeup application.  You need to blend your foundation along your hairline, into and behind your ears, and down your neckline.  Your blush, etc. must be blended to eliminate any demarcation lines.  Beauty blending sponges are your best friend for this. 

Mistakes We Make When We Do Our Eyebrows

Many of us neglect our eyebrows.  Using the term loosely, by neglect I mean too much or too little color, over or under plucking our eyebrows, or completely ignoring them.  It is difficult to overstate the importance of our eyebrows to the overall enhancement of our eye makeup look because our brows frame our eyes.

4.  You Need to Pluck Your Eyebrows

You need to pluck your eyebrows.  Do it yourself or have your brows waxed.   Brows need to be shaped and strays must be plucked; and by shaping, I do not mean you create a shape.  They already have a beautiful shape.  You need to clean-up around the brows, so the shape is more apparent.  

I prefer doing my own.  Get yourself a good pair of tweezers and get started.  For shaping your brows, pluck all the fine hairs under your brows.  They do not add to the appearance of your brow line and can make your eye shadow look bumpy.  Pluck the stray brows between your eyes and at the ends of your brows.  Finally, if you get those crazy, curly hairs in your brows – get rid of them.

See the photo below in item 6 for beginning and end points for eyebrows.

5.  Choosing the Wrong Eyebrow Color

Next, pick a brow color that is two to three shades darker than your natural color.  I use powder color because I find it much easier to work with, but there are many great pencil brow products available.  You will also need a spoolie.  Brush your brows into shape with the spoolie, then use a brow brush or pencil to apply color.  Begin by applying the color lightly and build color as you go.  Use short strokes to mimic the look of hair in your brow line.  Make certain to color your entire brow line; go to the outer edge.

Unless you are going for a very dramatic look, which by the way tends to make older eyes look even older, keep the color subtle.  Remember, you want to go a few shades darker than your brow colors, not try to match to your hair color.

Use your spoolie to brush your brows into shape and to blend any obvious strokes of color.  If you love the look, you are done! 


beauty mistakes

Eyebrows too Dark, Shimmer Eye Shadow Enhances Wrinkles, Too Much Mascara, Eye Shadow Brings Down Outer Corner


Beauty Mistakes We Make with Our Eye Shadow and Eyeliner That Age Us

6.  Incorrect Application of Eye Shadow

Using too much eye shadow or not placing it correctly can really make our eyes look older.  For example, if you have hooded eyelids, using too much highlighting shadow under your brow line will make the ‘hood’ look much more prominent.

Also, if you apply shimmer eye shadow to the hooded portion of the lid it will make any wrinkles on your lids more prominent.

If your eye shadow goes beyond a line starting at your nostril up through the outer edge of your eye, it will drag down your eyes and make you look tired.

Look at the photo above, see how the placement of shadow on the eye really drags down the eye.  Do not let your shadow dip below that line; if necessary use a piece of tape to prevent it.  See, “Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes” for other tips.


Beauty Mistakes

Eyebrow and Eye Makeup Beginning and End Points


7.  Placement and Intensity of Eyeliner Will Have a Major Impact on Our Eye Makeup

Once again, refer to the photo between items 5 and 6 above.  Notice the dark, thick eyeliner overwhelms and closes-in on the eye.  This will make the eyes appear much smaller than they are.  

To open out your eyes and make them appear more uplifted and bright, use a pencil liner to draw a line 2/3 of the way over your upper lid and 1/3 of the way along the outer corner of your bottom lid, then slightly smudge the liner.  For both the upper and lower lids, stop short of the outer corner of your eye.  See, “Eyeliner Style Mastery“, for more tips.

Beauty Mistakes We Make with Our Mascara

8.  Mascara:  Too Much, Misplacement, Etc.

If you have read many of my posts, you know that mascara is my passion.  

Unfortunately, mascara is such a focal point for many of us, that we can make a lot of beauty mistakes with it.

Applying too much mascara can make our lashes look spidery.  Leaving mascara clumps has that same impact.  I do not care for that look.

Not applying mascara on our lower lashes can make us look tired and can make our eye makeup seem unfinished.

Mascara needs to be applied from the root to the tips; not doing so makes your mascara look haphazard.

The reason I am such a strong advocate of the Flutterby Mascara Shield is because it helps me with all the above issues.  Please follow the link if you are interested in purchasing your own Shield.

Mistakes We Make with Our Lipstick/Lip Liner

9.  Incorrect Use of a Lip Liner

Many people make beauty mistakes by trying to use lipstick and lip liner to make their lips appear more full.   A lip liner is intended to define our lips and to help prevent lipstick bleeding.   

Do not try to make your lips look plumper by drawing the liner too far outside your natural lip line.  If you have any lines around your lips, the liner will serve only to enhance the lines.

Do not buy only one color of lip liner and call it a day; your liner should closely match the color of your lipstick.  

Lightly smudge your lip liner toward the center of your lips.  It will eliminate a definite demarcation line.

10.  Lips and Eyes Competing With One Another

Keep one focal point on your face – either your eyes or your lips!  Both should not be competing for attention  

You may have seen beautiful blue and purple lipstick images on the Flutterby Mascara Shield Instagram.  They look gorgeous.  You will also find some amazing eye makeup looks.   However, bold looks on both the eyes and the lips can be distracting.

If your eyes turn out amazing, go for a subtler lipstick.  On the other hand, if you decide to go for a beautiful blue lipstick, keep your eye makeup more natural looking. 


If you have anything to add about other beauty mistakes, we would love to hear from you.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.  Thank you 


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