Summer is in full swing which means we’re in the midst of wedding season! Although, according to recent statistics from The Knot – September and October are now also popular months for weddings. Which means you have a few more months of attending weddings in your future.

So how you can take your makeup look from drab to fab at the next wedding? Here are a few ideas.

1. Mix up your usual look.

If your makeup palette tends to be more lighter colors (pales, pinks) try mixing up your usual look and go for brighter colors like reds and plums or even a smokey look for your eyes. Pick out colors from the outfit you’ll be wearing to the wedding so that it matches elements in your makeup.

Be fun, be daring. You don’t always get the opportunity to dress up for a special occasion! But most importantly – don’t outshine the bride. It’s still her day.

2. Accentuate your eyes to draw attention.

Our daily makeup routine often overlooks our eyes, aside from putting on some mascara and using our Flutterby Mascara Shield to keep things smudge-free. We’ve all got busy lives – spending fifteen minutes working on the perfect eye look doesn’t always fit into our schedule.

But today you have the time! Go for the smokey eye, or an elegant cat eye or add some pro eyelashes to give yours an extra boost.

3. Highlight your best feature.

What’s your favorite feature? The one you get complimented on the most? Is it your smile? Your eyes? Your cheekbones?

Play them up! Try a new lipstick that takes your dazzling smile up another ten notches. Or a new blush that amplifies your cheeks and gives them a beautiful glow.

The most important part of any beauty and makeup routine is to have fun and do what makes you feel most confident. Whether you’re attending a wedding or going to the office. Do what makes you feel beautiful!

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