The Lash Look of your Dreams…and How to Achieve It

When it comes to your eye makeup, do you have an ideal lash look?  For example, do you like the look of spidery lashes, voluminous lashes, super long and thick lashes, or maybe just your every day long and separated lashes?   Let’s talk about our lash ideals and... read more

Choose the Right Mascara for Your Desired Eye Makeup Look

Do you remember how simple applying eye makeup used to be?  Your choices at the cosmetic area in your local drugstore usually consisted of one black mascara, one brown mascara; maybe an eye liner, usually only pencil, and perhaps some eyelid color. Luckily for us,... read more

Eyeliner Style Mastery – Eyeliner Tips to up Your Game

Makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts color outside the lines when it comes to their eyeliner style and artistry.  For them, the only rules are that there are no rules.  Eyeliner can be any color – black, brown, bright colors, layers of multiple colors, even... read more

How to Achieve Those Dramatic Eye Shadow Looks

Pinterest is full of swoon-worthy dramatic eye shadow looks.  They have eye makeup ideas for smokey eyes, intense eyes, natural eyes, and classic eyes that are all competing for your attention.  You search pin after pin until finally you find it – that perfect... read more

Don’t Let the Holidays Stress you Out

  Stress! Anxiety! It doesn’t matter how prepared we try to be for the holidays. And it doesn’t matter how early we start. Every single year, the holidays sneak up on us and we aren’t ready! We still have our everyday obligations; school, work, kids, parents,... read more

Take a Great Selfie

Think about the last time you scrolled through your newsfeed on Facebook or your Instagram feed. Most likely, the pictures that stood out were the ones where your friends’ faces seemed to be popping off the page.  Or, the pictures with the cute selfie poses.... read more

Flutterby’s Top Four Makeup Must-haves for Fall

It’s hard to believe Fall is almost here … weren’t we just celebrating Independence Day? But as the seasons come and go, there’s much to be excited about. New fashion trends and also changes in the type of makeup you’ll wear for the season! Flutterby is sharing our... read more

Say Yes to Flutterby and Goodbye to Mascara Mayhem

If you’ve been wearing make-up for years, you know that it can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you’re in a hurry to get out the door and simply don’t have the time or you’re aiming for make-up perfection – it’s never easy. Not that we don’t love the process, it’s... read more

3 Ways to Up Your Makeup at the Next Wedding You Attend

Summer is in full swing which means we’re in the midst of wedding season! Although, according to recent statistics from The Knot – September and October are now also popular months for weddings. Which means you have a few more months of attending weddings in your... read more